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Some knowledge about nails

Today, I will share some knowledge about staples, we can clearly know. All of the nails are bonded with adhesive that can reduce the resistance when nailing and improve the adhesive force between the nails and the wood as well as increase the anti-pulling force.There are 2 types of staples:small staples and heavy staples.Small staples are measured in thousandth and heavy staples are measured by Gauge.The staples range from 15 Gauge to 18 Gauge,and the length of the staples range from 12.7mm(1/2”) to 63.5mm(2-1/2”).The materials used are steel.galvanized wire and stainless steel.Usually the staples are classified by the width. 

Now it should be clearer what the nails are for, it’s an awesome invention. Our factory strives to make high quality nails. and export them wherever you need it.

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Post time: Oct-24-2022