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  • Types of Staples

    The staples you need are available from SXJ. As we all known , Salco, Bostitch, Arrow, Duo-Fast, JK, and Rapid are just a few of the well-known manufacturers of industrial staples. And we also in this line for more than 30 years and know customers’ demands well. We offer high-quality interchange ...
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  • Company Profile

    Let’s introduce  our company. SXJ Staple Company is a subsidiary of Baoding Yongwei Group, our company is a collection of production, sales of one-stop services. Yongwei Industrial Group has eight sub-plants, set production and manufacturing, sales in one, products including dozens of metal...
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  • Some knowledge about nails

    Today, I will share some knowledge about staples, we can clearly know. All of the nails are bonded with adhesive that can reduce the resistance when nailing and improve the adhesive force between the nails and the wood as well as increase the anti-pulling force.There are 2 types of staples:small ...
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  • How to pick the best substance for your wooden working

    galvanized staples The most popular kind of staple is a galvanized staple. The staple is made of steel, but it has a layer of zinc on it to make it more resistant to general corrosion. The strength and aesthetics of a galvanized staple are comparable to those of a stainless steel staple. A galvan...
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  • history of furniture staples

    history of furniture staples

        I believe everyone has seen it—staples pin . The folk songs of Scotland’s fall are passed down from one to another: a brad nails is missing, a horseshoe is missing; a horseshoe is missing, a war horse is lost; a warhorse is missing, a king is lost; this time the folklore is a war ...
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  • Yiwu implements three-day silent management from August 11

    Early this morning, Yiwu issued a notice: From 0:00 onwards, the city will implement 3-day silent management, and the whole city (except Dachen, Chi’an and high-risk areas) will be managed and controlled with reference to the medium-risk area (standard for control areas). Announcement on Im...
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  • Exhibition experience

    Last week, we went to Guangzhou Furniture Fair. Finished perfectly We take care of every customer. In order to successfully participate in this exhibition, all employees of the company are fully committed to division of labor and cooperation. The sales staff have an in-depth understanding and fa...
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  • China International Furniture Fair

           Hi, Next week, there is an exhibition in GuangZhou China. The name of this exhibition called: China International Furniture Fai. This fair is  undering  the China Foreign Trade Center Group. It was founded in 1998 and has been held for 48 consecutive sessions so long. Since September 2015,...
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  • New arrivals! Drywall Screw!

    New arrivals! Drywall Screw!

    As we all know, SXJ, as one of the largest metal products companies in China, has a very advanced production line, which can produce dozens of different types of products at the same time. Now SXJ has introduced a very advanced drywall screw production machine, which not only expands SXJ’s ...
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  • Don’t forget national shame, love China

    A lie, the invaders brazenly waged war On July 7, 1937, during an exercise near the Lugou Bridge, the Japanese army falsely claimed that a soldier was “missing” and asked to enter Wanping County for a search, which was strictly refused by the Chinese defenders. The Japanese army then ...
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  • Best selling model of staples and brad nails

    Best selling model of staples and brad nails

    As long years experience of doing staples and brad nails, our factory summarized the best selling models of staples and brad nails. And now let’s look at the pictures, l will introduce them to all of you.        Such as in Algeria, the most selling models are 8010 staples; In Saudi Arabia,...
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  • Advanced production line

    Hello everyone. As one of lagerest metal produce factory in China, my company’s productions has been sold to more than 40 country all over the world. Such as staples and brad nails. Maybe someone interested in our production line. Now let me show you. Because of advanced production line ha...
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